Chair Exercise is Fun! March 28, 2019 10:12

"A friend and I started a "senior exercise" class at church. We watched many videos before choosing this one to use. It is great!!

There are two discs, one for stretching only, the other for strengthening. The second one includes warm up, aerobics, strengthening and balance. 

We did two sections, took a 5 minute break and finished the other two. It was a good workout without being too taxing. We have people with canes & walkers, everyone has arthritis & joint issues, as well as balance problems.

Everyone just loved it and several have purchased it for home use. All exercises on the second disc are done seated, with the exception of the last session on balance. That is done standing, using the chair for support if needed. We worked up a little sweat and really enjoyed the whole thing. We totally recommend this for group use or for use at home. We are doing it twice a week with very happy seniors!!" - Jan D.