At What Age Should We Start Addressing the Aging Process? July 7, 2021 12:26

I'd call it the Age of Understanding, because it's the first time we look in the mirror and realize things are changing for the worse. For men, it usually manifests as a slow buildup of mid-body fat – they haven't yet noticed muscle loss, but it's happening.

For the women I listen to, their face is usually the first thing they notice. When this happens, we all start looking for solutions; ways to stop the process and keep our youth. But – it can't be stopped; we'll grow old...if we're lucky! However, if we make the right lifestyle choices, we can optimize the process and remain disease-free (in most cases), strong, fit, pain-free, and happy.

How can we slow down or optimize the aging process? Perform the following actions: Eat to lose weight! Exercise to build muscle! Sleep in order to be well-repaired! These are the primary strategies that must be implemented. But, you may ask, how does one go about doing so?  Seek help with effective guidance for putting these strategies into action and making them lifetime habits.

Optimizing the aging process can be a lot of fun, and it sure beats sitting around in pain watching ourselves deteriorate – get involved in your own health management. Spend your time, effort, and money now to achieve long-term health – it will be a fantastic bargain later.