According to a Harvard-led study, yoga combats frailty.

A review of 33 randomized controlled trials, published online by Annals of Internal Medicine on March 14, 2023, revealed, however, that yoga may provide some protection against infirmity.
According to a Harvard-led study, yoga combats frailty.

Frailty becomes more prevalent with advancing age. A decline in function, strength, stamina, and general health and fitness increases the likelihood of falls, hospitalizations, and premature mortality.

The evaluations involved nearly 2,400 individuals aged 65 and older. In comparison to those who did not practice yoga, those who did yoga improved their walking speed and capacity to rise from a chair. Numerous studies have examined the advantages of chair-based yoga.

The duration and frequency of yoga sessions differed. (Generally, two or three one-hour sessions per week are recommended for optimal health). Yoga can be practiced at home with exercises tailored to your abilities or limitation, according to research.

Consider adding yoga to your regular exercise regimen, such as walking and strength training, for the additional benefits it may provide. You can take a class at a local YMCA, senior center, or yoga studio, or you can try it at home (search YouTube for "yoga for older adults," "chair yoga," or "yoga for seniors" to discover videos).