Talking to Your Doctor About YOUR Healthcare July 03, 2017 08:28

How to Steer Your Health Care Where You Want It to Go

Here are ways to put your priorities at the top of your doctor's agenda

Here's an article by Denise Logeland about talking to your doctor about your health priorities... Good one!

     Say you have a preference about the kind of treatment you want from your doctor. Maybe you dislike the cost, the risk of side effects or just the idea of depending on prescription medications and building your day-to-day routines around them. You want to give priority to alternative treatments like walking, yoga, nutrition or meditation whenever that makes sense.

     Or maybe there’s something important in your life — a family event, a sport you want to pursue, a craft — and you want to keep your health issues and your health care from interfering with it if you can.

     How do you make sure that your preferences and priorities get on the agenda with your health care providers? And how do you make sure they stay on the agenda beyond a single office visit?  Find out here...

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