Amazon Customer Recommends for Overweight January 13, 2020 16:21

I am 31 years old, morbidly obese and I have a bad back, hips and knees. I know these are supposed to be for seniors but if you are like me and can't do conventional exercise than these are for you. I do both routines everyday.


Stronger Seniors Stretch & Strength

Chronic Illness #5 January 11, 2020 13:32

27% of older adults were treated for diabetes last year– a disease that occurs when your body is resistant to, or doesn’t produce enough, insulin. Insulin is what your body uses to get energy from food, and distribute it to your cells.

Why We Gain Weight as We Get Older...It's Not Diet September 19, 2019 15:03

A major reason for middle aged weight gain is the natural muscle loss we all experience (sarcopenia)," says Dr. Caroline Apovian.


Strength Training for Seniors Video

A Weighty Response to Diabetes September 18, 2019 15:29

Even a 5 to 7 percent weight loss lessens the risk of developing diabetes if you have pre-diabetes. Exercise, though, is critical. If you try to lose weight simply through dieting, then you’re losing not just fat but also muscle, which is unhealthy.


Chair Exercise For Diabetes

How to Start a Workout Routine If You're Overweight July 22, 2019 12:01

 Starting a new workout routine is hard for everyone, but it can be especially hard if you are overweight or obese. The best types of exercise for obese people aren't always available at your local gym or fitness studio.  Read more...


Exercise for Overweight DVD