Is aging in place the best option for you?

Here are some things you should take if you want to stay in your home as long as feasible.  Consider your health, the security of your house, and the community resources accessible to you. The following questions can help you think about it all.
Is aging in place the best option for you?

Consult your doctor if you respond "yes" to any of these questions. Share your findings with your family, and consider contacting an aging-in-place professional, who may be able to assist you assess whether staying in your home is a safe option for you.

Ask These Questions

  1.     1.Do you have any physical health conditions, such as arthritis, that may limit  your mobility?
  2.     Do you have any illnesses that may impair your mental function, such as Alzheimer's disease or another type of dementia?
  3.     Is there anything in your home that could make it difficult to get around securely, such as stairs, tight doors, or poorly lighted areas?
  4.     Would home improvements be too costly for you to afford?
  5.     Do you live by yourself?
  6.     Do you have children or other relatives who live more than 30 miles away?
  7.     Do you live too far away from parks and other safe recreational spots to walk?
  8.     Are you in charge of all aspects of home care and upkeep, including gardening and snow removal?
  9.     Have you given up driving?

These questions are simply starters. This important decision will require a lot of research, so be diligent.