10 Dementia Warning Signs

10 Dementia Warning Signs

Here are some indications to pay attention to:

1. Difficulty with daily duties

Everyone makes mistakes, but people with dementia may find it more difficult to keep track of monthly expenses or follow a recipe while cooking, according to the Alzheimer's Association. They may also struggle to concentrate on things, take significantly longer to do them, or have difficulty finishing them.

2. Recurrence

According to the Cleveland Clinic, asking the same question or relaying the same tale about a recent occurrence several times are common signs of mild or severe Alzheimer's.

3. Communication issues

If a loved one has difficulty partaking in discussions or following along with them, pauses abruptly in the middle of a thought, or struggles to recall words or the names of objects, pay attention.

4. Being disoriented

Dementia patients may struggle with their visual and spatial abilities. According to the Mayo Clinic, this might appear as difficulties such as getting lost when driving.

5. Personality shifts

Concern should be expressed if a loved one begins to act particularly worried, confused, scared, or suspicious, or if he or she becomes easily disturbed and appears melancholy.

6. Errors in time and place

If someone forgets where they are or how they got there, this is a red flag. Disorientation regarding time is another concerning indicator, according to Jason Karlawish, M.D., a neurologist and professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and codirector of the Penn Memory Center.

7. Misplacing items

According to the Alzheimer's Association, people with dementia may put things in strange places and have trouble retracing their steps to locate misplaced objects.

8. Perplexing behavior

Pay notice if a member of your family appears to be losing money judgment or neglects grooming and cleanliness.

9. Loss of enthusiasm

It's one thing to not feel very social from time to time, but a sudden and consistent loss of interest in family, friends, work, and social gatherings is an indication of dementia.

10. Forgetting about old recollections

Memory loss that worsens is frequently one of the early indicators of dementia.

Mild Cognitive Impairment is a condition that affects some people who have memory loss or trouble with attention, decision-making, language, or reasoning (MCI). According to the Cleveland Clinic, the illness creates a perceptible decline, although the alterations are less severe than with dementia and a person can still do routine daily tasks.

People who have MCI are more likely to develop dementia.