Stretch and Strength Chair Exercise Video on DVD

$ 19.99

Stretch and Strength Chair Exercise Video on DVD

$ 19.99
Product description
exercise dvd for seniors    

Why do Seniors choose Anne Pringle Burnell's Stronger Seniors 

Chair Exercise DVD Videos?  Many say it is Anne's vibrant personality on the screen, making exercise fun and easy to follow. Others say that having other seniors in the video make them feel more confident and able to do the exercises.

If you want to get started with a chair exercise program, you WILL feel confident ordering this program, knowing that you will benefit from Anne's instruction.

The 'Stretch' program will gently guide you through movements that will loosen up your joints and muscles, while increasing your flexibility and mobility. Stretching is so important!

The 'Strength' program has 3 parts-Chair Aerobics, Weight Training in a chair, and exercises that will specifically improve your balance. Stretch and Strength covers all the bases. By following this carefully designed chair exercise program, you will meet the recommendations of doctors and health professionals to improve health and help prevent chronic illness. Stay strong For life!

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Total price: $ 19.99