High Intensity Interval Training Chair Exercise DVD Video Program Chair Aerobics for Seniors

$ 16.99

The Stronger Seniors High Intensity Interval Training Program is designed especially for seniors to improve their heart health, strength, metabolism, and overall well-being. The exercises can be done seated in a chair or standing and are appropriate for seniors and the mobility challenged.  Stronger Seniors HIIT is a series of a short, 30-second bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a low intensity recovery activity.

We want to challenge you whatever your fitness level, so the intervals are self-paced. Higher intensity workouts are shorter in duration, a more efficient workout for anyone - seated or standing.

Just 6 intervals of 30 seconds, and you'll get your heart rate up!  Then recover with slow rhythmic movement and stretches.  As you practice this program 1-2 times per week, you'll feel your energy and stamina increase. 

Three separate workouts are included - 20 minutes each in length.




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