Core Strength Chair Exercise DVD Video Program Resistance Band Included

$ 17.99

Core Strength Chair Exercise DVD Video Program Resistance Band Included

$ 17.99
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Resistance Band Workouts for Seniors

This program is awesome! It gives you a great strength training workout that you can do from a sturdy straight back chair. When you can't stand for long periods of time most workouts make you lose your enthusiasm about doing them. This one keeps you coming back for more! Anne Pringle Burnell is her lovely self on this DVD. I love all the Stronger Senior workout programs but this one I believe is my favorite!

I am not quite a senior but have lived a very sedentary life until the past 3 months and I have serious back problems so the Stronger Senior DVD's are perfect for me! You really can get a great workout in! You get out of it what you put into it and if you really put some energy into the workout your muscles will ache in a most agreeable fashion!  - Bluejay

The Stronger Seniors® Core Strength Chair Pilates Exercise DVD Program is designed by Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer and Faculty Provider Anne Burnell to help seniors develop the core foundation of the body-The muscles of the upper and lower body are strengthened, supporting longevity and the overall fitness of the body. 

Core Strength is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, modified for the chair to make Pilates routines easy for Seniors and the mobility challenged.

I love all Anne Pringle Burnell's DVDs...I have bad knees and need to watch any twisting and bending of knees and back, I do what I can and substitute extra counts on the ones I can do. She speaks slowly and is easy to understand, you don't feel rushed.
Thanks - Rachel H.

Resistance Band included with DVD

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