Complete Stronger Seniors 7 Video Package on Flash Drive

$ 49.99

Complete Stronger Seniors 7 Video Package on Flash Drive

$ 49.99
Product description

The Stronger Seniors Chair Exercise 7 Video Value Package is designed to offer variety in your fitness plan.  This package teaches routines for flexibility, strength (upper and lower body), aerobic, cardio, balance, and core work.   Included in your flashdrive:

1. Stretch gently guides you through movements that will loosen up your joints and muscles, while increasing your flexibility and mobility.

2. Strength - has 3 parts-Chair Aerobics, Weight Training in a chair, and exercises that will specifically improve your balance. 

3. Chair Yoga - No getting down on the floor, no 'pretzel' poses. Just increased flexibility, mobility, and relaxation. 

4. Balance and Posture - Perhaps you are constantly afraid of falling. Well, if you practice the Stronger Seniors Balance and Posture Program, you can move about with grace and confidence. Your balance and posture will improve to a point where you can walk, or even dance, without that constant fear that you might take a tumble and suffer serious injury.

5. Core Strength - uses resistance band (included) to strengthen all of the muscles upper and lower body.

6. Core Fitness - This Pilates program is so safe, it is used in physical therapy facilities to rehabilitate injuries. If you are looking to better your overall health, Core Fitness is an effective, well-paced exercise DVD.  34 minutes in length.

7. HIIT -Just 6 intervals of 30 seconds, and you'll get your heart rate up!  Then recover with slow rhythmic movement and stretches.  As you practice this program 1-2 times per week, you'll feel your energy and stamina increase. 

Three separate workouts are included - 20 minutes each in length.


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Total price: $ 49.99