Balance Exercise DVD - Balance and Posture Program

$ 15.99

Balance Exercise DVD - Balance and Posture Program

$ 15.99
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Fall Prevention Exercises 

If you are a Senior you have probably taken a fall, or knows someone who has.

Perhaps you are constantly afraid of falling. Well, if you practice the Stronger Seniors Balance and Posture Program, you can move about with grace and confidence. Your balance and posture will improve to a point where you can walk, or even dance, without that constant fear that you might take a tumble and suffer serious injury.

Anne was asked to speak for the National Council on Aging on the subject of Posture and how poor posture can affect your balance. Out of that research came this DVD program, Balance and Posture.

The video is separated into two separate routines- first Balance, then Posture. The Balance exercises emphasize strength and flexibility in the hips, legs, and ankles. Plus, you'll practice your footwork with some simple dance steps as well as the coordination of your brain and your feet.

In the Posture section, Anne shows how important having a strong, straight spine is in maintaining your ability to move without the fear of falling. She will take you through some simple exercises that will strengthen your lower back and lengthen your spine.

While these Balance and Posture exercises are essential to your health and safety, you may find that they are really fun to do! --Anne Pringle Burnell

This new Stronger Seniors Workout Program is in two sections- Balance and Posture.

Please note: the Balance portion of this program is NOT seated exercise.

Most of the balance exercises are performed while using the back of the chair for support. There are some routines that are some simple dance steps, so if you cannot stand or walk without assistance you will not be able to perform the whole program.

The Posture segment is performed entirely in the chair. The exercises involve lengthening the spine and strengthening the muscles that support the spine. 

43 minutes in length

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