I really appreciate your videos.  I just purchased and received 3 new ones from you.  I have been using Senior stretch and senior strength for years and now I have added 3 more. I use them to work out with friends.  Your videos are the BEST out there! And believe me – I have looked long and hard! Thank you.                                                      Deanne Q~ Minneapolis, MN

"Don't be put off by the picture with the seniors in chairs. Bought this almost a year ago and it has become my "go to" source of serious exercise.
I'm a senior, 72 years young, and in great health and in reasonably good shape. If you give it your all, it's not a wimpy workout!
Here's what I love about this DVD.
* Includes stretching before and after each segment which reduces for me any back issues post exercise, which I often have with other Senior DVD's.
* Avoids any hokey comments or jokes by the leader that only become tired and annoying after repeated viewings on similar DVD's.
* Includes segments of stretching, aerobics, weights, and balance. I can do any or all depending on the time or energy I have.
* Allows me to ramp up my aerobic output by standing on some portions and using a 5 lb weight being careful to protect my back.
I would love more DVD's with the instructor. She seems to understand how to develop exercise routines for seniors that are not patronizing but at the same time challenging."  Jeanne, Dumfries, VA

"I started doing this program at the park district and then bought it for myself. When the pandemic kept us at home, I was asked to host it on zoom for the Senior Center. We alternate discs 3 times a week. I've had a hip replacement and this year a shoulder replacement and my therapist is so pleased with my abilities. Thank you for a workout everyone can do. It's made a big difference for us."                        - Joyce Shomer, Montgomery, IL

"I bought this after seeing a clip on YouTube. I'm not quite a senior but suffer with mobility issues and find normal exercising too much for me. But I found these exercises, all done sitting on a kitchen chair achievable. AND I felt like I had done a workout. There is also a second disc, which is just gentle stretching and very, very relaxing."   ~Mrs. J. Morgan, United Kingdom  

"I have a bad knee & ankle but still want to keep nimble & strong. These DVDs are perfect. Even if you can barely move, you will be able to benefit. Plus you can do this at home in your P.J.s so there is no excuse for not doing at least a few minutes of this each day. I started when I was really injured and stressed and am getting loosened up and stronger at my own pace. Need to be careful so I don't reinjure myself. Anne Pringle Burnell has a soft voice so these DVDs are also very calming-like meditating with a purpose."     ~Kitty

"I have severe fibromyalgia, and lower back and hip arthritis. I allowed myself to become weak and out of shape because of the pain. At the age of 59, I resigned myself to being an invalid for the rest of my life. My daughter in law, who is a personal trainer, convinced me to try the Stronger Seniors workouts, for no other reason than to improve my quality of life.I started with the Chair Yoga, and moved onto the Core Fitness DVD. After only 6 weeks, I can go up and down stairs again, bend over to tie my shoes, and go grocery shopping without disabling back pain. I am ready to move on to a more intense workout. I am purchasing the stretch exercises and strength training. I expect great results. My FM and back pain levels have significantly improved. Because my quality of life is so improved, I look forward to my daily workout."   ~Karrie

"A friend and I started a "senior exercise" class at church. We watched many videos before choosing this one to use. It is great!! There are two discs, one for stretching only, the other for strengthening. The second one includes warm up, aerobics, strengthening and balance. It took almost an hour to do the second disc.
We did two sections, took a 5 minute break and finished the other two. It was a good workout without being too taxing. We have people with canes & walkers, everyone has arthritis & joint issues, as well as balance problems.
Everyone just loved it and several have purchased it for home use. All exercises on the second disc are done seated, with the exception of the last session on balance. That is done standing, using the chair for support if needed. We worked up a little sweat and really enjoyed the whole thing. We totally recommend this for group use or for use at home. We are doing it twice a week with very happy seniors!!"  ~Jan Denby

"Even though sitting in a chair, this DVD provides a good workout. As a handicapped person I was looking for something not too strenuous, but providing exercise. Easy to follow."  ~Marie                                       

"This chair exercise DVD is precisely what the DVD shows it to be. I am very satisfied. She makes it so easy and I am very glad there is a real class." ~Lindy J

"I learned about this program while volunteering at the Gibson Center for Senior Services in North Conway, NH. I was amazed at how thorough the series of exercises are and how easy it is to follow and adapt for those with limitations.Anne provides just enough guidance and instruction during the program in a pleasant and cordial way. I am a relatively fit young senior (64)  myself and would consider the stretching and strength and balance tapes a decent supplement to my other personal exercise. Thank you for developing this wonderful exercise program.  ~Susan B, North Conway, NH

"I've been doing these at least three or four times a week since I had my knee replacements and it sure helps me to move around. I always feel better after I've done them.” ~Bill A., Halifax, Nova Scotia

"I'm recovering from hip replacement surgery, and in my advanced years, rebuilding muscle takes a while. The two-DVD set is working out very well.         My PT is pleased at my progress and I give a great deal of credit to this set.       It's so nice to see real people doing the exercises, not just some young hard-bodies. The best part is that I've saved the money I was going to spend on a gym membership."                 ~Cat K, CA

"Great DVD! Perfect program for a beginner with back problems."   ~Judith G

"The Seniors and I are enjoying this DVD. The instructions are clear and concise. We rotate between the Core Fitness and Stretch & Strength DVDs. Would recommend these DVDs to any senior who wants to improve their balance, strength and general well being." ~Shirley L, Berlin, CT                                                                 
"I Love Anne's DVDs! She has a calming voice and I never feel rushed, I have bad knees and I am very careful to protect them, I can't do any squatting without knee pain, so I do another exercise, by repeating some of the previous exercises. Love her DVDs."  Thanks  ~Joyce H

"I just love Anne Burnell Stronger Seniors tapes - her voice is so soothing and the instructions are wonderful and easy to understand. I use several of her tapes three (3) times a week. I would recommend these tapes to everyone - I have bad knees and have difficulty standing and these are tapes are fantastic, as I said I use several of her tapes three times a week."  ~Linda H, MO

                             Lots of Variety in Anne's Programs
"I believe we have all of Anne’s DVDs. They are all great! As a group even better because you can rotate, having a different one each time you exercise. This lets you emphasize different areas. To start might suggest this DVD set and one of the core/yoga DVDs. You can see samples of the videos on the Stronger Senior website.

We like these chair exercises because one of us has a foot that can fuss from too much use and another a knee/hip that appreciates less pounding. Anne has an pleasing way of doing the exercises. She offers modifications if you have less flexibility in an area and less strenuous ways to build up. She reminds you you can stop and finish another day. That is good and encouraging for both body and mind. There is no failure here. Doing only warmups for several days, or every other day, will get you stronger and more flexible.

Doing full workouts, especially disc 2 of this set will give you a great workout. The DVD using the ball and another with the Bands are also great strength building workouts. We just got the HIIT DVD and believe those 3 workouts will add variety and increase our endurance. We can do the HIIT alone or add to another workout. There is great flexibility in how you use these DVDs.

Have no affiliation with Anne and bought our DVDs over several years"  ~Sam H.

Stretch your way to fitness for any age

"There are many fitness DVDs out there, often purchase then find routine too hard, too boring,so interest is lost quickly. However I was pleasantly surprised with this one! The instructor, Ms. Burnell has a pleasant encouraging approach. She often reminds you to do what feels good to your body. No pressure here just relaxing yet beneficial workout. Since I had major surgery a year ago exercise has not been a priority. Have been afraid that I might strain a muscle. However, this is very gentle and since done in a chair, easier on your back. Modifications are offered as well for the more difficult moves. After doing some light gardening my back was sore. Rested for awhile then did the stretching workout. Must say I actually felt better, could feel my sore muscles relax. Don't let the title Stronger Seniors scare you! While not considered a senior myself yet, this routine is very good for those of us with back pain. Two discs are included. The second disc uses weights or do the movements without any if you choose. -Thanks Ms. Burnell for producing this gentle workout!"  ~Vinny

GREAT DVD! FAST shipping! Would recommend to anyone!”                               ~Susan K., Lemont Frnc PA

"I have been to the local library, checking out 15 different exercise DVDs for seniors.  Anne is the best I found. Her direction is great- so is the music. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I really need these." ~Helen K, Merrimac, MA

"Ms. Burnell does a great job of demonstrating and explaining the exercises. She often gives reminders to only do what you feel comfortable with. I've noticed when I do this video my blood sugar is better the next day. I am unsteady (balance issues) and use a walker, so the seated exercises are good for me.  I really appreciate Ms. Burnell's calm and pleasant demeanor".  ~Annie M., Hampton, VA
"This is a complete blessing to me. God bless you for the work you're doing to help people who don't have a place in 'normal' fitness classes due to current strength for whatever reason - even for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, being bedridden for any length of time, etc. Thanks to you (and the other ladies!) for putting together a great video!"  ~Takeshi Yama

"So pleased I found this video, I have had problems with my back and have trouble standing and walking, this is helping me to be more mobile, also very enjoyable, 1/2 way through my 1st week (once a day) quite hard work, but improves each day.  Thank you Anne."  ~Sheila Ramsey
"They are great videos for seniors. I have bad knees, but the videos are great to keep fit without stressing my knees." ~Vee Gee Mc

"I got this for my 89 year old dad. We do the exercise together. He was inspired by all the elderly people in the video, it helped him through when he got discouraged."   ~Jane D
"These exercises are great. I'm in my sixties and my daughter who is in her thirties also enjoys doing this program. We do them every day. I would also recommend the Stronger Seniors Pilates exercises program as well." ~Melonie Ann J
"Even though I am only 60 years old, I am overweight and hate exercising. Everyday felt like it brought a new pain when I woke up. A friend recommended these DVDs to me and I LOVE them. Not only has my flexibility improved, but psychologically I feel so much better knowing I am doing something positive for my body. Well worth the investment of money, time and energy."  ~Dolly, CA                                              
“The Stronger Seniors Program encourages the exercisers to go slow, but to keep going. Just the right balance of activity and rest. The program helps seniors looking to improve their stamina, strength and balance.” ~Kathleen M. Perry RN PhD Gerontology Nurse Specialist

“I represent a group of 25 to 35 senior women who meet twice a week to exercise to your videos. All agree that these videos have made a huge improvement in their overall health.  Some have even reported their doctors have seen improvements in their test results.”  ~Nancy Miller, 1st Presbyterian Church, Loudonville, OH
"Just received this DVD. I woke up with some sciatic pain and did the first part of this simple, easy yoga stretch DVD. No more pain for the remainder of the day.....I am very happy with this purchase! Anne Pringle Burnell is a lovely teacher..." ~Billie- Seattle, WA
Stronger Senior Exercise DVD and Fitness Videos