Chair aerobics, like any aerobic workout, is designed to elevate your heart rate and keep it elevated for a set period of time. It helps build endurance and strengthen the heart.  

So how do these aerobic workouts differ from a typical aerobic routine?

Well they have similarities and differences. The primary difference is that the participant remains seated throughout the workout when doing seated aerobics. The main similarity is that they both give you a cardiovascular workout. 

These types of workouts are those that get the heart pumping and the oxygen flowing.

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Just like with any muscle in your body, you want to strengthen the heart through exercise. Since the heart is a muscle, then aerobics is the way to strengthen it.

Aerobic exercises can range from a high intense interval workout to a walking. The more intense the workout the more you are working your heart.

However, as you age you might find it harder to use the treadmill, elliptical machine or even go for a jog. While you might be limited due to some aches and pains or physical limitations, there are ways for you to get moving.

You may have traded in the treadmill for some gardening tools or a golf set. Both of these activities will help build endurance and get your heart pumping. 

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While housework, yard work and fun activities can help build endurance, you want to also pick activities that will keep your heart rate elevated for a period of 5 - 20 minutes (or longer).

One method that many seniors use to do this is chair aerobics. These types of exercises will engage your arms, legs and other areas all while getting your heart pumping.