High Intensity Interval Training HIIT DVD Video Program Chair Aerobics for Seniors

$ 14.99

High Intensity Interval Training HIIT DVD Video Program Chair Aerobics for Seniors

$ 14.99
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Get fit, age gracefully and stay healthy with our HIIT Chair Aerobics Program! Our video program is specifically designed to help seniors stay in shape with safe and effective exercises from the comfort of their own chair. Enjoy the benefits of high intensity interval training with no high-impact moves. Feel your body get stronger and more balanced as you increase your fitness level!

I love this new workout. Anne's workouts are always the ones I come back to and never tire of. I did two of these segments today including both warm ups and cool downs and it was just right. Her husband's music is totally in sync with the workout just like on her earlier DVDs.I just ordered two of her core workouts and might as well quit ordering any others from different instructors-I usually just sell them or give them away. .Anne's manner is so genuine and friendly you will really like working out with her.  - Susan W

The Stronger Seniors High Intensity Interval Training Program is designed especially for seniors to improve their heart health, strength, metabolism, and overall well-being. The exercises can be done seated in a chair or standing and are appropriate for seniors and the mobility challenged.  Stronger Seniors HIIT is a series of a short, 30-second bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a low intensity recovery activity.

We want to challenge you whatever your fitness level, so the intervals are self-paced. Higher intensity workouts are shorter in duration, a more efficient workout for anyone - seated or standing.

Just 6 intervals of 30 seconds, and you'll get your heart rate up!  Then recover with slow rhythmic movement and stretches.  As you practice this program 1-2 times per week, you'll feel your energy and stamina increase. 

Three separate workouts are included - 20 minutes each in length.





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