Testimonial for Stretch and Strength Chair Exercise DVD November 13, 2019 14:13

Don't be put off by the picture with the seniors in chairs. Bought this almost a year ago and it has become my "go to" source of serious exercise.

    I'm a senior, 72 years young, and in great health and in reasonably good shape. If you give it your all, it's not a wimpy workout!

Here's what I love about this DVD.
* Includes stretching before and after each segment which reduces for me any back issues post exercise, which I often have with other Senior DVD's.
* Avoids any hokey comments or jokes by the leader that only become tired and annoying after repeated viewings on similar DVD's.
* Includes segments of stretching, aerobics, weights, and balance. I can do any or all depending on the time or energy I have.
* Allows me to ramp up my aerobic output by standing on some portions and using a 5 lb weight being careful to protect my back.

I would love more DVD's with the instructor. She seems to understand how to develop exercise routines for seniors that are not patronizing but at the same time challenging.