Exercise for Seniors with Bands

Resistance band training builds strong muscles and bones while improving seniors' ability to perform daily activities. According to National Institute of Health, regular weight training fights age-related loss of muscle and bone mass. The a government CDC report that resistance training improves balance and reduces symptoms of chronic disease, including arthritis and Parkinson's.  Resistance bands are inexpensive, safe, transportable and provide seniors with external resistance during weight training.

The Stronger Seniors® Core Strength Chair Exercise Program is designed by Stott Pilates Instructor Trainer and Faculty Provider Anne Burnell to help seniors develop the core foundation of the body-The muscles of the Abdominals, the Lower Back, and the Pelvic Floor support the spine and internal organs, essential to the overall fitness of the body. 

The Core Strength program is based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, modified for the chair to make Pilates routines easy for Seniors and the mobility challenged.

Resistance Band included with DVD

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