Identifying your Sense of Purpose September 16, 2019 11:57

Finding purpose in old age  The idea of having a sense of purpose can be a difficult concept to grasp in our later years. This is partly because living with purpose varies tremendously from person to person. 

Some people describe their purpose in life as the meaning they derive from life and its occurrences, while others take a more direct approach claiming their sense of purpose is equivalent to their reason to live.

Nonetheless, your sense of purpose should bring you joy and it ought to be in line with your personal values.

Finding your sense of purpose doesn’t have to be difficult.  What do you feel passionate about?  Do you have a special talent?  Now, how can you share that?

For it is in helping others that we receive great blessings.

Your sense of purpose can be derived from something as simple as taking care of a pet or working in the garden. So long as you have something (or someone), you have found your sense of purpose.

Most importantly, it doesn’t matter when or how you decide to live purposefully, it just matters you do.