Chair Aerobics DVD 3- disc Package

$ 29.99 $ 39.99

Chair aerobics, like any aerobic workout, is designed to elevate your heart rate and keep it elevated for a set period of time. It helps build endurance and strengthen the heart.  

So how do these aerobic workouts differ from a typical aerobic routine?

Well they have similarities and differences. The primary difference is that the participant remains seated throughout the workout when doing seated aerobics. The main similarity is that they both give you a cardiovascular workout. 

These types of workouts are those that get the heart pumping and the oxygen flowing.

Anne has created two Stronger Seniors® Chair Exercise DVDs that emphasize  aerobics....the Stretch & Strength program and the High Intensity Interval Training program.

Get both programs for just 29.99. That's a 25% discount.

Just like with any muscle in your body, you want to strengthen the heart through exercise. Since the heart is a muscle, then aerobics is the way to strengthen it.