Chair Aerobics

Often, frail, elderly people are unable to tolerate aerobic exercise routines on a regular basis due to lack of endurance. But while age-related changes in the cardiovascular system have significant effects on performance, it has been estimated that 50% of endurance loss can be related to decreased muscle mass.

The ideal senior exercise regimen consists of three components: Aerobic and Endurance Exercises Physicians recommend 30 minutes of cardio-respiratory endurance exercise each day for your elderly mom or dad. This means getting their heart rate up and breathing faster. In addition to walking,  chair aerobics are cardio/endurance exercises that any senior can do, regardless for frailty or balance issues.

If the person tires easily, especially those who are resuming a routine or just starting to exercise, it is perfectly acceptable to do three 10-minute periods of exercise daily.

Cardio-respiratory endurance exercise increases the body's ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues and remove waste over sustained periods of time. After exercising consistently for a few weeks, there will likely be an improvement in the person's ability to exercise and ability to perform everyday tasks without getting winded and tired.

 Chair Aerobics DVD Videos